It’s been a while since Google announced their newest algorithm updates and to be honest, it’s still an extremely murky issue.

The Google Algorithm update has affected SEO in different ways. Google’s latest changes involve more than just the number of backlinks to a website. In fact, it’s their new approach to counting back links that makes it interesting. This change also involves the ranking of the site and the number of links. The site’s overall quality has no importance whatsoever in Google’s latest update. That’s right folks – the quality of a website is no longer important to Google and all the back links to the website are now of no value. and in the search engines above your competitors. But it’s your competitors that will have your back links added to their site as Google’s.

The new way of counting back links is that each link to the site represents a vote for your site. A vote for your site when there are tens of thousands of people voting for the site that have only one back link to your site. A really good vote. Votes for your site means they like your back link. If the site has ten votes, it will always be given more authority by Google.

When Google first rolled out this change with Pagenotes in February they said it was a test to see how websites vote on others. But since then there’s been proof that it’s a real change and it’s not a test. The change has affected the way other SEO’s count back links in their algorithm updates. And that’s now led to an influx of websites coming forward to say they have been affected by the back link algorithm change.

So how is this affecting you and your business?

As many have found out the change is a little more complex than just putting more back links on your site. Google has made a change to the way it calculates your site’s link value in its algorithm.

For example Google no longer looks at the number of people who like you back link to your site. In fact you only received a vote if you have a link to your site on another website that is popular enough with Google spiders. This means you will have more votes, but you will not receive more link authority.

This means for a new website and new link back, that the link will have to be counted as an individual vote. The other change was how Google counted anchor texts in anchor links. This is something Google wanted to remove the chance of manipulation. So for a new website or a new link back, the link was not going to be counted as an individual vote.

Now the question is what does this mean for webmasters now? The fact that you can no longer buy links just means it’s harder to create back links. For a new website or a new link you’re going to have to create the link organically. The fact that votes have been removed means it’s going to be a more difficult task for webmasters to get a higher PageRank. But the fact that a new website has to pay a little more attention to the number of votes to your links is a good thing.

What this means is that you can no longer get away with spamming the web. The search engines are getting smarter about how links are counted and they’re also getting harder to manipulate.